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How I Found Migraine Relief and Gained my Freedom

People often ask me how I discovered homeopathy. Here is my story.

I’ve had headaches ever since I can remember. They started in my early teens when the angst of teenage school life, accompanied by my parents’ separation and subsequent home-life struggle, took its toll.

This was in the 1970s when aspirin was the pain-relief of choice. So that was what I took for my headaches, and it worked okay for a while. In my twenties the aspirin started giving me tummy-aches so I switched to Paracetamol which also did the job for my hangovers!

During my thirties, despite stopping the alcohol, my headaches continued and their severity worsened. Their duration also increased (sometimes for 3-4 days) and I started to feel nauseous. Paracetamol simply stopped being effective, or it would bring some relief initially, only for the pain and nausea to reappear after a few hours or the following day. Once again I looked for another solution so I switched to Ibuprofen, which I found eased the pain more effectively and also seemed to lift my mood as I always tended to feel miserable with my headaches.

It’s hard to pinpoint when these headaches became migraines but at their worst I had head pain so severe that I was convinced I was having a stroke, especially when the pain travelled down my arm. I also regularly had concurrent vomiting and diarrhoea, the episodes lasting a good 3-4 days. It was miserable. I had young children and I still remember the feeling of powerlessness and isolation as I could do nothing to prevent or lessen these completely debilitating occurrences.

Looking back I’m surprised I didn’t start looking for alternative healing methods sooner. It seems obvious to me now that the barrage of over the counter medicines, the analgesics I inflicted on my body, were increasing the toxicity in my liver, which was making the headaches worse. I guess it’s easy to see with hindsight.

Then one day, I heard about homeopathy through one of the mums at my sons’ school. She recommended Helen, a homeopath, to me and, with a fair degree of skepticism, I made an appointment. To say that I’ve never looked back would be an understatement.

During the homeopathy consultation I was amazed at the amount of detail Helen went into whilst taking my case; family history, personality traits, spiritual beliefs, eating habits – there seemed to be nothing she wasn’t interested in. I felt understood and cared for in a way not previously experienced.

Did my migraines disappear straightaway? No, it took time and trust, but with each monthly consultation, gradually the episodes became milder and less frequent, the vomiting stopped and my mood lifted.

Through homeopathy I haven’t taken any pain-relieving medication for 7 years. Occasionally I still get a minor headache which I recognise is a sign that I’m overdoing things. I take a remedy, go to bed early and in the morning it has vanished. What a difference!

It’s not wrong to take conventional pain relief to ease symptoms. I totally understand the desire and need to do so and many people find them invaluable – used sparingly they can be effective. But in my experience they are not curative; on the contrary the symptomatic relief often comes at the cost of a toxic liver which actually exacerbates the underlying problem. It can be a cycle that gradually makes things worse.

Homeopathy, however, is gentle and safe. It has no side effects so it doesn’t toxify the liver. It doesn’t just treat the symptom, it treats the whole person, leading to better energy levels, improved mood as well as symptomatic relief.

My whole life changed for the better when I discovered homeopathy.

If you are suffering and you would like to find out more about whether homeopathy can help you with your physical symptoms, or even emotional, energetic or mental imbalance, book a free discovery call here.

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13. jouluk. 2022

I love this post - it's so good to hear about other possibilities to cure migraines. Thank you for sharing your story.

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