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Help your plants to flourish with homeopathy!

Homeopathy doesn’t just treat people – it’s really effective for animals and plants too.

Here are 6 remedies you can use in your garden to help your plants thrive and recover from damage.

Homeopathy does not work by killing pests – it strengthens the plants’ ability to withstand attacks – from pests, diseases and adverse weather conditions.

Aconite: 200c

For people

Aconite is a highly effective remedy when someone has had a shock from a frightening event such as a car accident or an earthquake. In such cases they will be anxious and may express a fear of death. On the physical level they may suddenly come down with a cold or fever after having been exposed to a cold wind.

For plants

Observe these similarities. Aconite will help with plants that suffer from:

· Shock by icy cold wind or icy rain

· Shock by dry cold wind

· Quick-drying, quick wilting

· Cold which comes on suddenly

· Pale signs; glassy signs

Arnica 200c

Arnica is probably the most well-known homeopathic remedy, primarily due to its effectiveness for bruising from physical trauma. Many families have a tube of Arnica cream in their medicine cupboard for those childhood bumps and bruises. It’s also another good remedy for shock, but the difference from Aconite as that the person needing Arnica will dismiss offers of help, insisting that they are fine even when it’s obvious they are not.

For plants Arnica is good for:

· Supporting growth of roots

· Injuries from pruning, repotting, relocation

· Bleeding after pruning

· Breakage after storm or hail

· Improves circulation in the capillary system

· A strengthening tonic for all plants

Belladonna 200c

Another great remedy for childhood illnesses, Belladonna treats fevers and regulates body temperature; symptoms tend to come on suddenly and the face will be red and hot.

For plants Belladonna helps with:

· Consequences of cold, heat, sunburn, wetness

· After frost and subsequent winter sun

· Cold and long-lasting rain: leaves stay wet for too long

· Heat damage, sunburn

· Reddish or reddish-brown signs

Calendula 30c

Where Arnica treats bruises, Calendula promotes healing on injuries with skin abrasions, wounds and incisions, working as a natural antiseptic.

For plant treatment Calendula helps to:

· Support growth of roots (similar to Arnica)

· After repotting or relocation

· Antibacterial and revitalising effect

· Consequences of frost, cracks caused by frost

· In general: tears, abrasions and cracks

Tip: bathe seeds in calendula water for 3 hours before planting for higher germination rate and earlier and stronger growing.

Nat Sulph 30c

Guiding symptoms: Nat Sulph helps people with asthma which has been caused by humidity; digestive issues such as diarrhoea and it is also a tonic for the kidneys, liver and spleen.

For plant treatment use Nat Sulph for:

· Warm, humid, muggy weather (greenhouse climate)

· Rain that lasts longer than 9 hours

· Various fungal diseases cause by this weather: downy mildew, brown rot, leaf curl

· Purple-brown signs

Sulphur 200c

Sulphur has a vast scope of healing but is mainly know to aid all kinds of skin conditions, especially where there is burning, itching, red orifices, hot feet, oily hair and skin

For plant treatment use Sulphur for:

· Cell cleaning

· Consequences of heat

· Lack of water

· Thirsty plants that cannot absorb enough water

· Fungal diseases

· Pests of different kinds

How to use homeopathy for your plants

Use No 6 pillules in 30c or 200c potency as indicted in each remedy detail

4 pills 1 litre of water

6 pills 10 litres

8 pills 30 litres

If you would like to know where to purchase the remedies please contact me via my website.

Put the pills in a jam jar full of water and give it a good shake then add the water to the appropriate volume in your watering can.

The above is just a small sample of homeopathic remedies you can use in your garden to good effect. If you would like to know more I would highly recommend Homeopathy for Plants by Christiane Maute available at or on Kindle from Amazon.

I will be doing more experimenting on using remedies for plant care in my garden and allotment, so watch this space for further updates!

If you would like to know more about how homeopathy can treat you and your family, do book in with me for a free discovery call.

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