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The key healing properties of Phosphorus you need to know

I was delighted to give a lecture recently on Phosphorus at the North West College of Homeopathy. It’s wonderful to share the amazing benefits of this remedy I prescribe regularly. I thought you would like to find out more about it too so you can see how far reaching its action is.

Phosphorus is what we call a ‘polycrest’, meaning that it has a wide range of healing properties. These properties act physically, an area that we often relate to as ‘needing healing’, but also to mental and emotional attributes that guide the prescriber to choose it for their patient. Maybe you know people who are like the ‘phosphorus personality’?

Physical symptoms

It’s a wide range, but here are some key areas phosphorus can help:

  • Problems with the nervous system which could lead to hypersensitivity

  • Circulation problems

  • Dizziness

  • Coughs and colds

  • Weakness of the lungs

  • Headaches

  • Anaemia

  • Problems tend to occur on the left side of the body

Mental/emotional characteristics

Here’s the personality - it doesn’t mean it needs to be cured at all! But if the person with a cold is like this it’s a good pointer that this could be a remedy to help them.

  • A person who needs phosphorus is often vivacious and good fun to be around

  • They like to be the centre of attention and like being cared for when upset or unwell

  • They are expressive, affectionate and not afraid to show emotion: “people people”

  • Looks and image are important to them

  • They may have a short attention span

  • They are sensitive to others’ emotions

When students learn about this remedy, everyone wants to be a ‘Phosphorus type’! However, there is a downside:

Mental/emotional characteristics - the downside

  • They may need a lot of love and attention

  • They can become demanding

  • Or excitable and easily angered

  • They may have many anxieties:

… when alone

· … about the future

· … during a thunderstorm


Homeopathy recognises so much about us as individuals. Even the appearance counts. In physical appearance a Phosphorus person tends to be tall and slim. They like to be stylish and possibly artistic in their appearance. They may blush easily.

Likes and dislikes

A person’s likes and dislikes often give valuable clues as the remedy they need. Here are some Phosphorus tendencies:

They like:

  • Sour, savoury and spicy foods

  • Carbonated drinks

  • Alcohol

  • Mild cheese

  • Sweet foods, especially ice cream

  • Dislike strongly flavoured fish and fruit

  • They love the sun, but not the wind; they feel the cold

  • They have a fear of thunderstorms

Top 10 Phosphorus characteristics

Here are some more characteristics that point towards phosphorus.

  • Vivacious and sociable

  • The influence of electric charges

  • Anaemic conditions

  • Chest complaints

  • Burning pains.

  • Amelioration from heat everywhere except in the stomach and head.

  • The need for love and attention

  • Thirst for cold drinks which are vomited as soon as they become warm.

  • The inability to lie on the left side.

  • Fear of the dark and thunderstorms

So here we see how incredibly wide the remit of homeopathy is. This is why a homeopathy appointment will take longer than one with your GP - because the homeopath wants to understand so much about you. With over 3000 remedies to choose from, getting a clear ‘picture’ of your health, appearance, preferences and symptoms takes time - but being accurate makes a remedy so much more effective.

If this remedy doesn’t sound like you there will be one that is! I loved sharing it with the students. Each time they hear about a new remedy there’s so much excitement in the room.

Tana x

PS - If you’d like to find out the remedy that matches your unique personality and symptoms why not give me a free call. There’ll be one for you and this is the best way I know to support your health on all levels.

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